House of Muir Mont


Our History

The House of Muir Mont has its origins 25 years ago in the interior design industry. These origins include photographic design, advertising and technology. During the 90’s the founders were designing, building and running luxury boutique hotels and bespoke residences for high-end globe-trotters. One such boutique hotel made it onto the list of The Top 100 Boutique Hotels of the World. 

Boutique Hotel designed by Muir Mont.

In 2015, The House of Muir Mont relocated to The Isle of Man.  Our designs reflect a fusion of African and contemporary influence as seen in these high-end home interior design projects below.

We have used a range of textured elements in stark contrast to achieve the unusual designs in these bespoke briefs. We are now drawing from this eclectic palette in the House of Muir Mont range of scatter cushions.

Made in the Isle of Man, UK

We relocated our business to the beautiful Isle of Man and identified a niche in the luxury interior soft furnishings market.

We began developing our unique designer cushions to serve this market. Our throw pillows are individually manufactured to order.

Insect Decal Cushion Range

The German Silver insect decals are specially designed in collaboration with the Latvian artist Alex Konahin ( ) Here is Alex at work designing the Dragon Fly that he has licensed to House of Muir Mont.

Alex Konahin the artist at work.

We fell in love with Alex’s retro fusion of magic and renaissance-inspired detail. The Dragon Fly, Bumble Bee, and Stag Beetle, all designed by Alex Konahin, form a magical ensemble befitting the most stylish of interiors. Alex Konahin’s Bee, seen below represents both industriousness and nurturing. It is a first for Alex and we are honoured that he has licensed his designs to us.  Bees are a dominant element throughout the House of Muir Mont range of scatter cushions. The transition from his drawing to objet d’art was difficult but we feel that our transformers in Africa have managed to maintain the detail and do the pieces justice. See the resemblance below.

The Konahin Bee for our Adelheid range of cushions.

The Botanical Range of Cushions

Some of our botanicals are inspired by Lisa Goesling, the accomplished American artist.  See more about Lisa here:  One of our favourite pieces by Lisa, is the Orchid, seen here on the Iphigenia III Cushion.

Lisa’s use of intense, startling detail together with light and dark to create unusual textures on surprising surfaces, resonated with our design philosophy. Her elemental connectedness to insects and flowers fitted with our creative landscape and vision.

These two artists are important co-creators in the House of Muir Mont range, used together with additional elements we have assembled in surprising extra-contextual compositions.  These compositions, together with the finest British fabrics reveal the sensual renaissance palette that is the House of Muir Mont signature. We offer a selection of original traditional and modern decorative cushions in a range that will reflect the bold and unusual choices you will make to complement your bespoke and self-styled interiors. The House of Muir Mont range of scatter cushions will make a bold statement in your home, office, or castle.