• Idothea I Cushion Front
    Floral Bone Throw Pillow. Modern Flower Power; a medley of German Silver Flowers scattered over a full and lush grey velvet. This is a statement of the feminine and would look beautiful if set against a larger plain silver cushion.
  • Idothea II Cushion Front
    Black Velvet Throw Pillow with Silver Daisies. The Silver Flowers look bright and twinkly against the night sky inkiness of the plush black velvet fabric. This is a bold statement of Flower Power at its best. A must for those who enjoy unusual combinations. A luxury, decorative throw pillow for the home decor interior designer or the discerning home owner.
  • Idothea III Cushion Front
    Grey Daisy Cushion. Fun Flowers on a beautiful grey wool background. For those who like symmetry, the rows of black acrylic flowers represent both order and the young at heart.
  • Idothea IV Cushion Front
    Grey Throw Pillow with Scattered Black Daisies. This loose arrangement of Black Acrylic Flowers scattered over a dark grey wool landscape is a light-hearted fun accessory for a female bedroom and would look wonderful against a pale pink backdrop.
  • Lucasta I Cushion Front
    Grey Cushion with 9 Acrylic Birds.  Birds of Flight always hold a fascination for earthbound creatures which inspired this Ivory and Ebony study of avian silhouettes set against a plush ivory velvet with a strong black velvet border. This is one of the most unusual cushions of the collection and would look magnificent against a herringbone black wool couch.
  • Ivory and Black Velvet Laser-Cut Floral Throw Pillow.
    Ivory and Black Velvet Laser-Cut Floral Throw Pillow. A commanding, modern tech-created throw pillow to adorn any living room.
  • Jocasta I Cushion Front
    Ivory Throw Pillow with Celtic Brooch and Feather Print. Feathers and Rosemary, Stars and Celtic symmetry combine in this unusual design set against the backdrop of an Ivory Velvet fabric. The freshness of this design would work well in conjunction with deep olive green plain cushions plumped up on a cream or black sofa.
  • Jocasta II Cushion Front
    Ivory Throw Pillow with Celtic Brooch and Feathers. This monochromatic study of feathers is pulled towards the centre folds of a black flower and a Celtic Brooch most dramatically set against a backdrop of Ivory Velvet. This design will look spectacular set against plain black velvet cushions on a textured cream linen sofa.
  • Jocasta III Cushion Front
    Ivory Cushion with Feather Print and Bird. This design emanates from the inspiration of the Navajo Red Indians and how they lived under the vast star studded skies of the territories they inhabited. A bird symbolises a free and unfettered spirit whilst feathers speak of adornment and beauty. Use this cushion to create a centre-piece on a plain couch. 
  • Jocasta IV Cushion Front
    Ivory Cushion with Feathers and Celtic Brooch. Cobalt Blue has an intensity of colour that is timeless. The combination of this deep blue colour with black and ivory all leads towards the symmetry and mystery of Celtic design.
  • Jocasta V Cushion Front
    Decorative Feather Print Cushion with Celtic Brooch. This cushion is a study of delightful monochromatic patterns provided by Mother Nature with a startling shot of deep red culminating in the symmetry of Celtic design.
  • Avocado throw pillow with marabou feathers.
    Avocado Green Throw Pillow with Marabou Feathers. The promise of Spring is always evident in the colour of leaf green and this is a delightful backdrop for a clutch of black and white Marabou feathers all nice and fluffy and tactile.
  • Katherina II Cushion Front
    Coral Throw Pillow with Marabou Feathers. Coral is a totally uplifting bold colour further emphasised by the stark contrast of fluffy black and white Marabou feathers, the symmetry of which gives a contemporary rather than a country feel to a room.