• Eurydice I Cushion Front
    Rectangle Hounds-Tooth Cushion with Embroidered Stag. Warm tones of the classical Hounds-tooth design in Wool provides the backdrop to the swirls of silver thread of an embroidered rearing Stag. This cushion would look magnificent set against a larger chocolate brown velvet cushion set into a deep buttoned leather couch or occasional reading chair.
  • Eurydice II Cushion Front
    Rectangle Hounds-Tooth Throw Pillow with Embroidered Lion.  This heraldic statement of a rampant lion in silver embroidery set against the warm tones of a classical Hounds-tooth design, would make an ideal partner with the rearing Stag. To complete the ensemble, we would recommend placing the cushions in front of plump chocolate velvet plain cushions.
  • Medusa I Cushion FRont
    Black and Bone Rectangular Cushion with Heraldic Embroidery Crest. The history of Heraldry is brought into the 21st Century whilst retaining the allure and detail of Silver Bullion Embroidery. The piece de resistance is the magnificent German Silver Rampant Lion, an iconic part of British history placed centre stage.
  • Medusa II cushion with heraldic crest.
    Bone Throw Pillow with Heraldic Embroidery Crest. This combination of a bone plush velvet with a dramatic border of black velvet provides a stylish backdrop for the detailed Heraldic Emblem and dazzling Silver Rampant Lion.
  • Medusa III Cushion Front
    Rectangular Bone Throw Pillow with Heraldic Crest. For a home steeped in history and tradition, this Heraldic ensemble of Silver Bullion Embroidery and a German Silver Rampant Lion would be at home in the presence of leather bound books, decorative marble fireplaces and ancient stone walls.
  • Medusa IV Cushion Front
    Black Throw Pillow with Heraldic Crest. Black on black is as bold as it gets. Couple this with intricately detailed Heraldry of Silver Bullion Embroidered thread and a breath taking rampant Silver Lion, one has a sense of Royal presence.
  • Medusa V Cushion FRont
    Gingham Check Throw Pillow with Heraldic Crest. A taffeta of black and white check provides a countrified version of Heraldic design; Silver Bullion Embroidery encircling a Silver Rampant Heraldic Lion is the ultimate in shabby chic.
  • Minerva I Cushion Front
    Two-Tone Black and Bone Rectangular Cushion with 3 Rampant Lions. Throw Pillow. This Three-Lion study of the Heraldic Rampant Lion is reminiscent of a Family Standard with the bold lines drawn in Ivory and Black velvet. Use this cushion as a dramatic centre-piece.
  • Minerva II Cushion Front
    Two Leopards Cushion with Palm Fronds Crest. A fantasy of lush greenery, twin Leopards, heraldry, parchment hues and black stars all makes for an unusual design that would be a feature in any type of décor environment.
  • Oriania I Cushion FRont
    Grey Throw Pillow with Velvet Lion. Heraldry can also be contemporary as it is with this combination of a decorative black velvet Lion set against the backdrop of a beautiful grey wool fabric. Wool and velvet provide an interesting tactile experience.
  • Petronia I Cushion FRont

    Bone Cushion with Monogram Centre-Piece. A monochromatic palette would provide a perfect backdrop for this timeless classical combination of black and ivory velvet with the maze-like detail of a script monogram and the suggestion of flanking this design with plain black or ivory velvet cushions.

  • Two Tone cushion with silver lion TBlack and bone cushion with silver rampant lion.
    Black and Bone Cushion with silver rampant lion. The English rampant lion dominates this category of cushions and symbolises the tradition and pageantry of England.
  • Bone cushion with silver rampant lion and stars. Bone cushion with silver rampant lion and stars.
    Bone cushion with silver rampant lion and stars. This item makes a perfect foil for your  burnt orange or white leather sofa.