• Duck Shoot-Themed Throw Pillow with Check Square.  The Duck Hunt is part of the English Heritage, history and sport interwoven. The perfectly detailed Silver pins of Ducks and Hunting is reflected in the monochromatic design of Heraldry and Swags.
  • English Country-side Throw Pillow with Check Square. English Country is reflected in this monochromatic design of heraldry and beautiful English pewter pins  of  quintessentially English country animals like hedgehogs, rabbits and sheep. This unique design is a statement of bold elements.
  • Falconry Themed Throw Pillow with Check Square. Falconry, a gentlemen's sport is demonstrated in this monochromatic treatment of Heraldry and Silver pins with fabulous detail of Falcons, and Falconry apparel.  A perfect Gentleman's Club accessory.
  • Hunting Fox Themed Cushion with Check Square. Foxes and Hares feature strongly in the English culture and Heritage, both sharing the countryside as reflected in this Heraldic design of Silver Pins and Swags.
  • Moose Themed Throw Pillow with Check Square. The Wilds of America are embodied in the exquisitely detailed English pewter pins of moose and wolves including the sheer magnificence of adult antlers. The black velvet adds a sense of luxury as does do the heraldic shield and swag.
  • Traditional pheasant hunting scene throw pillow.
    Pheasant Shoot Themed Cushion with Check Square. Pheasants and hunting dogs are an essential part of British history and is captured in this combination of heraldry and English pewter pins of pheasants and hunting dogs. This cushion would be perfect in a study  or  club environment.
  • Fishing Themed Throw Pillow with Check Square. Fishing enthusiasts will identify with the pastime of Fishing exhibited in this cushion. The Heraldic design transports the art of fishing into a timeless endeavour. The beautiful Silver pins with wonderful detail celebrate the sport.
  • Stag Themed Throw Pillow with Check Square. "Fortune favours the Brave" as depicted in the Latin proverb embroidered in the swag below the monochromatic emblem. The Stag in all its majestic glory is embodied in this design. A timeless accessory to be enjoyed and passed down to future generations.
  • Wolf and Stars Throw Pillow with Check Square. This Germanic story takes one on a journey of Wolves padding through dense forests with the star studded night skies moving overhead, quietly and unseen. Wolves remain mysterious to man and this ensemble of Heraldry and magnificent animal is a special accessory for someone who both reveres and respects these beautiful misunderstood animals.
  • Lion of Courage Throw Pillow with Check Square. Lion of Courage Throw Pillow with Check Square.
    Lion of Courage Throw Pillow with Check Square. The rampant lion is a universal heraldic symbol of courage and strength. The Barbary lion of England was made famous by the moniker given to King Richard I of England – “Richard the Lion-heart.”