The Scottish Stag – Majesty and Strength: The Origin of the House of Muir Mont Logo.

December 4th, 2017|News|

Ever since King David’s encounter with the mythical white stag in the forest of Drumsheugh in the 12th Century, the stag has been an icon of Scottish pride and culture. The two founders of House of Muir Mont, indeed trace their own Scottish heritages back to the 3rd and 9th centuries to Ayrshire and Caithness. The stag then, was a natural choice for our logo representing heritage, tradition and the boldness evidenced in our designs. Royalty and the stag are therefore inextricably linked in the history of Great Britain and Scotland. House of Muir Mont is proudly British. We have sourced by content some 80% of our materials from the Isle of Man and the UK. All our cushions are made in Isle of Man.

The stag theme is well represented in our Stags and Stars category. This magnificent animal is cast in German silver and adorns some 11 cushions in our range. We hope to hear from you in your product reviews and feedback on our designs.

Elektra II Cushion Very Close Up.

House of Muir Mont Stag.

Cosma V cushion.

House of Muir Mont stag on graphite fabric.

On both these two cushions, we have combined traditional design with traditional velvet in the first cushion and then on a modern graphite fabric on the second cushion. This is typical of our ethos. We juxtapose old and new elements. The result is surprising.

With our Elektra VI cushion we have combined heraldic elements like the garland and stag on hound’s tooth.

Elektra VI Cushion Close Up.

House of Muir Mont stag.

In my next blog, I will talk to you about some interesting designs we have planned using light and dark.



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