• How To Use Throw Pillows To Create Accent.
  • THow To Use Throw Pillows To Create Accent.
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How to Use Throw Pillows To Create Accent in Your Home.

January 28th, 2018|Out of Africa|

How To Use Throw Pillows To Create Accent.

A room is like a blank canvas. The journey of creating a beautiful space is no different to creating a piece of art. It is all in the detail and that is exactly what throw pillows are; detail and an opportunity to make a wonderful statement and create accent.

So as a designer, I like to keep the palette of a room more neutral so that I can build the detail to enhance all the furnishings and textures. By doing this, one can then change the throw pillows and accessories from time to time to breath in new life to a room, to add a splash of colour or to even reflect the seasons. And be bold! And be plentiful! A really unique cushion design almost always looks better against a plain cushion or a less competitive design.

So why did we create the House of Muir Mont?

Finding really unusual and unique throw pillows has always been one of the greatest challenges of my design career. So many throw pillows….so few originals! I promised myself that one day I would create a range of beautiful designer throw pillows and I finally did it. What an enjoyable journey it has been and one that I would really like to share with you.

Nature and the interpretation of nature provides so much inspiration. I have created Stag, Bee, Dragonfly, Feather, Flowers and many other designs. However, it wasn’t enough merely to create images; I wanted to create a tactile sense of the three-dimensional experience and so I introduced embellishments that make our throw pillows truly unique. Jewellery for throw pillows! Virtually all the embellishments that you will find on our throw pillows are designed and custom made by craftsmen that we sought out for their expertise and attention to detail. We have used German Silver, Embroidery, Silver Bullion Thread, Velvet Flocking and many other applications; all with a view to creating something unique and different.

So why are our throw pillows more expensive than most other designs?

Each throw pillow is hand-made when ordered. We do not mass produce, we do not import container loads of merchandise and our designs require high-end expertise and experience. Cushion Couture for your space. Most importantly our throw pillows are British! Proudly British! We use high quality fabrics from British Design houses and our pads are high quality down and feather, also British sourced. Our vision is for our throw pillows to be collectors’ items and to be passed down to future generations. Authenticity is our cornerstone and we apply it to every stage of the design and manufacture of every one of our throw pillows.

How can I help you with what you require?

Design is something I am really comfortable with. I live and breathe design and so if you send me a photo of the area of your home or office, yacht, private jet……whatever, I can advise you as to which throw pillow or pillows will enhance your space. And remember, throw pillows are not just for girls! I have kept in mind the masculine contingent of our population and there are fabulous designs for men caves too. Mail me here:  info@muirmont.com    For larger images, you can use We Transfer. Get the free app here:  http://wetransfer.com  Just use my e-mail for the receiving address, attach and send – voila! It’s that easy.

Next week I’ll be starting a series of themed design suggestions.

Till then, happy designing.

Valma Muir.